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We've been creating and delivering unique and highly effective financial literacy education products for kids, teens, and women since 2002!

We started with the Money Camp for Kids, Camp Millionaire, Moving Out for Teens and more.

For Financial education curriculums for camps and schools, please visit www.CampMillionaire.com

Financial Education Books for Kids and Teens and Parents.

Perfect for Homeschool, too!

Our Favorite Money Books For Young Children

Dollars and Sense

The Four Money Bears

If You Made a Million

Save it! - The Moneybunny Books

Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock

How to Turn $100 Into $1,000,000

Rich Kid Smart Kid

Escape The Rat Race

Get To Know: Money

Money Ninja

Money & Finance Activity Book

Piggy Bank Tales

Investing For Kids: Cash Cow

Money Literacy Skills For Kids

The Money Mind For Kids

Our Favorite Financial Education Books For Kids and Teens and Parents.

Think Like A Boss

Make Your Kid A Money Genius

Finance 101 For Kids

Teaching Kids About Money

Investing For Kids

Rich Dad Poor Dad - For Teens

I Want More Pizza

Money For Teens

Finance 102 For Kids

A Smart Girl's Guide: Money

How To Money

The Teen Money Manual

A Simple Guide To Finance & Money Basics

The Essential Money Skills Handbook For Teens

Personal Finance For Teens

Financial Literacy Games

Dave Ramsey's Act Your Wage Board Game

The Money Game Downloadable Version

Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game (Ages 7+)

Rich Dad Cashflow For Kids


Financial Literacy Memory Game

Financial Education Resources for Parents

Financial Literacy For Kids 101

Financial Education Products for Kids and Teens and Parents.

Perfect for Homeschool, too!

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