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Financial Wisdom Coloring Book for Kids and Parents

Ages: Coloring age and up.

What if your children could learn 26 of the most important financial principles on the planet simply by coloring? They can!

The Financial Wisdom Coloring Book for Kids and Parents is a surprisingly entertaining way to teach your children financial habits they need to great up Happy, Wealthy and Wise.

NOTE: This is the PDF Download version.

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Price: $9.95

More details:

If you’re looking for the perfect way to start teaching your little ones about money, you have stumbled onto a financial education tool that not only teaches kids about money but doesn’t require that you be the expert first…our  Financial Wisdom Coloring Book! We took our 26 favorite money principles and habits from our Camp Millionaire curriculums and created a fun, playful coloring for you and your kids.

Each left hand page contains information about the principle on the right hand page to help you begin to talk to your child about money.

It is never too early to start instilling financial wisdom into those sweet children of yours. Let us help you create financially wise adults now!

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