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Life's Little Wealth Principles Journal - PDF

For...Ages 18 and up.

Have ever wandered why you don't know that 'they' know about creating and maintaining a wealthy life? Do you maybe even have issues with the idea of being wealth in the first place? It's OK, you are among millions of women and men on the planet that just don't get the whole money thing.

After almost two decades of learning how humans tic around the subject of money and wealth creation, we understand what it takes to help you get from where you are to where you'd like to be...regardless of your personal destination.

Life’s Little Wealth Principles is a book like no other. It's part critical money habits, part part thought-provoking, personal growth financial journal and part plain old fashioned, time-tested financial principles that every financially free person uses to get and stay financially free.

They’re the perfect tools to hlep you commit to your new choice to become financially free and we walk with you through this new financial journey.

By the way, you're not just buying another financial book...you'll also have the opportunity to join our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get feedback, even find a shoulder to cry on while you navigate this new territory. We want to be WITH you on this journey to make sure you make it.

Price: $9.95

More details:

Life's Little Wealth Principles will be available in soft cover on Amazon and other fine book sellers Spring 2021. 

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